elcome to SALON INN. We offer sunbathing in turbosolariums MegaSun. We can make a skin test for starters by special device BASIC CARE with individual sunbathing program for solariums for free so you can reach safe sun-tan. You can reach sun-tun under our professional lead, but you can also get used to UV light. You can have only positive effects without any danger of skin burning.


Monday     7:15 – 19:15

Tuesday     7:15 – 19:15

Wednesday     7:15 – 19:15

Thursday     7:15 – 19:15

Friday     7:15 – 19:15

Saturday     9:00 – 14:00

Sunday     13:00 – 16:00


Sun tanned person feels fresh, healthy and radiates energy that is perceived by his surroundings,
The sun’s rays have a positive effect on metabolism, blood circulation, physical performance, strengthen the immune system (according to surveys by Swedish doctors),
Do you have a bad mood or just a bad day? come to see us, even a moment spent in the solarium has a great possitive impact on you,
While undergoing special diets, sunlight stimulates the body, it also has a stimulating effect on hormone production and sex life,
UV radiation produces hormones not only in the body but also directly in the skin. They also include the so-called “Endorphin”, which, among other things, evokes a good bodily feeling,
The synthesis of vitamin D3 in the skin plays an important role – the action of UV rays transforms provitamin D3 into provitamin D (prevention against osteoporosis),
Solariums are also use  as medical practice for preventive and supportive means, such as: diseases caused by weak immunity, prevention against influenza and respiratory diseases, some types of allergies (acne, psoriasis), circulatory disorders, stress, …


It might be dangerous for the skin – excessive sun exposure causes premature aging of the skin, increases the formation of wrinkles,

Eye hazard – wear goggles to avoid retinal damage.



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