Fake Bake self-tanning spray

In our beauty salon we are offer a state of the art spray-on bronzing technology. This technology is a bit more complex to practice. It is not like classic sun-tanning procedure. Your skin is not subjected to any kind of light, but first thing first. Whole body peeling is the first step in this process, then a special cream is applied to the body and paper towels are stuck to the soles of your feet. The whole spray on procedure takes about 20 minutes, after that drying under the fan follows to complete the session. For the first 6 hours you should not take a shower whilst the spray on layer needs to connect with the melanin in the top layers of your skin. You can repeat the procedure after 10 days, to increase the intensity of your tan.

Pros and cons

A lot of customers prefer this type of tanning as the results are more even appearance; no spots are created like those you get when you have used some self-tanning products. On top of everything the results are immediate. We are still not able to guarantee that the results will last for more than a week but they disappear gradually exactly like natural sun tanning.


Agreement of understanding

1,  Prior to the procedure, the whole body needs to be cleaned and the old skin cells removed. Please pay special attention to knees, elbows, ankles, underarm pits and similar.

2,  We strongly recommend  to use Fake Bake Body Polish 12ml this product is available in our salon . This is a top quality item and we have the best experience with it. It is gentle to skin but does the peeling on more than just a satisfactory level. We do not recommend using any other body peeling product whilst it might interfere with the actual sun tanning solution used in our salon. The results then might disappoint you as our customer. If you do not like to use peeling just use a nice and warm shower and wash your self thoroughly. But we still encourage you to use Fake Bake Body Polish, for the best results.

3,  Do not use any self-sun tanning products 5 days prior the procedure.

4, Last Hair removal procedure should be performed max 24 hours prior the procedure.

5,  Do not use creams, deodorants body lotions..etc.. prior the procedure.

6, Wear something dark and not too tight at the day of procedure in order to avoid visible stains on clothes. (stains are easily washable in any wash machine).

7,  You will be able to see the bronze result right after the application. This colour is only for the technicians to see where the solution was applied and where not the natural tannins are invisible by naked eye and need time to work.

8, The intensity of the final bronze depends only on you. The longer you will keep the sprayed layer on the more intense results you will have. Minimal time is 4 hours maximum 8. The longer the darker the result will be.

9, At this time we strongly recommend to avoid physical activities, sweating, do not expose yourself to rain or snow and try to avoid activities which includes affecting your skin.

10,  Last step is to wash your self properly after desired time. Do not use peeling just gentle wash with a shower cream with no abrasive particles. This will get the rid of last colour remains.

11, After a shower use body lotion, body butter or oil to seal the final tanning effect which will last 4-10 days.

12, Use skin softening and hydrating products to maintain the best results and long lasting effect.

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