elcome to our salon. We offer you sunbathing in the Megasun turbosolar. For safe tanning, we will test your skin free of charge in our INN Salon with a special BASIC CARE with an individual sunbathing program. Under professional guidance, tanning can be achieved, as well as the use of UV radiation. With reasonable dosage, positive effects can be achieved without the risk of skin burns.


  • the tanned man feels fresh, healthy and radiates the energy he perceives in his surroundings,
  • sun rays positively affect metabolism, blood circulation, physical performance, strengthen the immune system (according to Swedish doctors’ surveys),
  • do you have a bad mood, called “depok”? come to us and spend some time in the solarium with antidepressant,
  • in reducing diets, sunlight stimulates the organism, also has a stimulating effect on hormone production and sexual life,
  • UV radiation creates hormones not only in the body but also directly in the skin. These include the so-called ” endorphin, which, among other things, causes a good physical sensation,
  • a vitamin D 3 synthesis in the skin plays a significant role – the effect of UV light on provitamin D 3 in vitamin D (prevention of osteoporosis)
    Solarium as a preventive and supportive means also uses medical practice such as: diseases caused by weak immunity, prevention of influenza and respiratory diseases, some types of allergies (acne, psoriasis), disorders of blood circulation, STRES …


  • dangerous for the skin – excessive sunlight leads to premature aging of the skin, increases the formation of wrinkles,
  • eye hazard – Use eyeglasses to prevent damage to the retina.

People says

  • I can only recommend, great satisfaction.

    Monika P.
  • Best in Martin.

    Lenka F.
  • Very nice saloon.

    Tibor Š.
  • TOP solariums, beautiful surroundings and amazing staff!

    Andy B.
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