Every new customer is a step towards success for us.

Our vehicles are new, maintained in 100% state. When booking a vehicle for a longer route, airport destinations or holidays, the customer has the option of reserving a type of motor vehicle that will provide him comfort as a customer but also a space for the capacity of his luggage. That’s why we have a wide selection of types of motor vehicles. It is always necessary to think that when a vehicle is overloaded, the new car becomes dangerous too.

Customer satisfaction as well as safety is our first priority, so if you have any suggestions or suggestions for something to improve, do not hesitate to contact us by email info@mbtaxi.eu. So do not hesitate and write to us because we will only be able to improve and improve our services and make them better.


  • 4x Škoda Rapid
  • 1x Škoda Fábia II
  • 1x VW Transporter ( maxi Taxi )
  • 2x Fiat Ducato ( maxi Taxi )
  • 4x Škoda Superb
  • 1x Chevrolet Malibu
We are here for you Non-Stop !
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Transport of persons:

  • transport of persons across the EU
  • the possibility of multiple vehicles
  • transfers to airports
  • transport by agreement outside the city and SK
  • billing option for businesses.



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